Blood gDNA Miniprep Kit (Beads)(MGD2311)

Item number Specification Price($)


50 T 42.15
BW-MGD2311-A32-10 1×32 32.15
BW-MGD2311-A96-10 1×96 96.43











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The Blood Genomic DNA Extraction Kit (Beads) is designed to extract high-quality genomic DNA from blood.

It combines optimized cleavage conditions and high-performance magnetic particles to provide a fast and convenient method for blood DNA extraction. The purified genomic DNA has stable quality and can be directly amplified by PCR, determined by qPCR, prepared by second-generation sequencing (NGS) library and other downstream operations, and can also be stored at -20℃ for later use.

This extraction system is not only suitable for manual operation of samples, but also suitable for the extraction and purification of DNA by various high-throughput automated platforms, such as Hamilton, Beckman Biomek, Tecan, Thermo KingFisher, etc.

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