Express MgPure Viral RNA Purification Kit (Beads)(MR6532)

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50 T 70.00
BW-MR6532-A32-10 1×32 50.36
BW-MR6532-A96-10 1×96 150.68










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Express MgPure Viral RNA Purification Kit is designed for the extraction and purification of viral RNA (e.g. SARS-Cov-2, influenza virus, HIV, etc.) from serum, plasma, virus culture, swab sample, cerebrospinal fluid, bronchoalveolar lavage fluid and so on. MR6532-A32 is compatible with BEIWO BW Express 16, Allsheng Auto-Pure 32A; MR6532-A96 is compatible with Allsheng Auto-Pure 96, Hamilton, Beckman Biomek, Tecan, Thermo KingFisher and other similar nucleic acid purification systems.


  • Operatein an environment with the appropriate biosafety laboratory level (e.g BSL-2 or higher level) and wear appropriate personal protective equipment (e.g. gowns, gloves, goggles) when working with clinical specimens.
  • Lysis Buffer A contains chaotropic salts, which may form reactive compounds when combines with bleach. Do not add bleach or acidic solutions directly to the preparation waste.
  • Buffer may form precipitates upon storage, dissolve precipitates at 37℃ before use.
  • Ultraviolet disinfection of the Purification Instrument prior to use is recommended.
  • Materials not supplied: 1.5 mL RNase-free centrifuge tube.
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