BEIWO Fragment Purification Kit:

Using a unique buffer system, DNA/RNA fragments can be purified from various enzymatic reactions such as agarose gel, polyacrylamide gel and PCR reaction system.

1)Patented product: guanidine free purification kit, which has a wide range of applications, can meet different needs of customers, and purify and recover DNA/RNA fragments from a variety of reaction systems;

2)The ratio of sample to sol solution is small: 1:1 (1:3 or 1:5 for other companies' kits), and the same sol solution can handle more samples;

3)It is insensitive to pH change and has a wider application range.

Fragment screening kit independently developed by BEIWO

The required size of DNA fragments can be selectively obtained according to requirements, which can be either manually operated or completed in the form of 96 hole or 384 hole plates using an automated work platform.

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